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Hair Fall Treatment In Theni - Hair Fall Solutions - Visit

Hair Fall Treatment In Theni - Hair Fall Solutions - Visit

No one wants to lose their hair, but the simple truth is that by the time you reach your 40s you will probably have   significantly less hair than you did in your teens.

Everyone experiences some type of hair loss as they age, but not all thinning is the same. Hair Fall Treatment In Theni, a  doctor can diagnose the cause of your hair loss.

Androgenic alopecia

This is the big one. Androgenic alopecia — also known as patterned baldness — is the most common cause of hair loss and   affects 70 percent of men and 40 percent of women. In men, this type of hair loss is usually characterized by a receding hair   line, loss in the crown or “bald spot” or general thinning hair throughout the top of the head. Men generally begin to   experience androgenic alopecia in their early 20s, although it can take years before becoming noticeable. Women, on the other   hand, usually keep their hairlines but beginning in the late 30s to 40s hair gradually thins throughout the entire scalp.

Androgenetic alopecia is caused by a combination of genetics and hormones. Every hair follicle is genetically programmed to   be more or less susceptible to various hormones in the body. More susceptible or weaker follicles will be damaged when  confronted with these hormones, causing the hair to first shed and gradually become thinner and finer with each regrowth   until, eventually, the follicle itself succumbs and dies. An inherited trait, the amount of susceptible hair a person has is   solely reliant on genetic chance and can’t be predicted. Naturally, those born with more of the weaker follicles will   experience the greatest loss.

In men, the main hormonal culprit is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) — a hormone created from testosterone and particularly   damaging to genetically weaker hair, often resulting in rapid baldness. Women, on the other hand, have different hormonal   shifts than men. They have only a small fraction of men’s testosterone and subsequently considerably less DHT. As a result,   women can usually go much longer into their hair loss before the damage is irreversible.

The rate of hair loss can be unpredictable — speeding up, slowing down, stopping for a time, and starting  again. One thing,  however, is a constant. Genetic hair loss is progressive. This means one of two things will definitely  happen once it  starts: It will get worse quickly or it will get worse slowly.
Hair loss in both men and women has the potential to cause great social insecurity. Loss of hair not only leads to falling in  confidence but also a rise in regular embarrassment. But instead of spending the endless hour in the expensive salon and  exclusive stores to buy hair products, consult hair fall specialist from Hair Fall Treatment In Theni. Hair fall specialist  is the one care about your hair just like you do and guides about various do's and dont's for acquiring healthy hair. Getting  healthy, smooth and silky hair has now become easier with the help of hair fall specialists. In order to find the best Hair Fall Treatment In Theni, Preventing hair loss would have never been so easy like now and this is because we care about you.

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