Monday 20 November 2017

Hair Loss Products And Treatments - @

Hair Loss Products And Treatments - @

Hair loss is a very common complaint in the dermatology clinic. There are multiple medical reasons or conditions that may cause reversible or potentially permanent hair loss such. These include anemia, hormonal abnormalities, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, taking certain medications, pregnancy and childbirth, major illness, general anesthesia, and underlying scalp conditions or infections. With medically induced hair loss, once the underlying medical cause is treated, the hair loss is usually reversed. However, most commonly, patients present with genetically related hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia. This type of hair loss has classic patterns in both women and men, and unless treated, it can progress and will remain permanent.

Fortunately, our medical providers can offer multiple topical and oral treatment options for genetic hair loss. ADVRX Female and Male specific topical solution are available for purchase at Hair Fall Treatment Madurai. These prescription strength medications are a gender specific combination of drugs that stimulate the hair follicles, improve scalp circulation and reduce scalp inflammation. These solutions are applied directly to the areas of hair loss daily, and will help to both maintain the current hair as well as stimulate follicles that have decreased hair growth. They are safe and effective for long term management of genetic hair loss, and have no negative systemic side effects.

For men seeking an oral medication to improve genetic hair loss, Propecia is a great option. It is a pill taken once daily. Propecia works by decreasing the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT is responsible for the decreased follicular function in men with male pattern hair loss. With the partial blockage in the production of DHT, more hair follicles are able to return to a normally functioning state and produce mature hair. Propecia must be taken for 3-6 months to produce a noticeable improvement in hair fullness, and as with all treatment for hair loss, it must be continued as a maintenance medication. Unfortunately, Propecia is not safe or effective for women, and it is particularly dangerous for pregnant women as it can cause birth defects in the developing fetus.

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